​​Wattlelane Stables

What makes our feed supplements so different?

  1.  Absolute premium minerals and vitamins are used in the most bio-available form available
  2. Often both chelated and organic minerals are used
  3. Flowers Gold - the best all-round equine mineral balancer
  4. ​Each nutrient is co-dependently balanced to its counter part for maximum utilization.
  5. ​Each blend is based on years of global research  (NRC and many more) from multiple significant clinical trial that testify to the same outcomes consistently. 
  6. We DO NOT support social media fads that hold little or no scientific evidence.
  7. NO Sugars or hidden fillers - the very tiny filler required is Zeolite (Silica)
  8. ​VOTED most ABSORBABLE & COMPREHENSIVE daily mineral and vitamin blend 2016 & 2017 by The Nude Horse
  9. 87% of all horses at a 2017 National Poll say 'Flower Gold is BETTER than any other mineral and vitamin supplement' (We are pretty proud of this)

                          ​What does that mean for you and your horse?

                           ​Better outcomes and best value for money