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  •  Superior quality minerals and vitamins & most bio-available forms used
  • Chelated and organic minerals are used
  • Flowers Gold - the best all-round equine mineral balancer
  • ​Each nutrient is co-dependently balanced to its counter part
  • ​Each blend is based on years of global research (NRC and many more) from multiple significant clinical trial that testify to the same outcomes consistently. 
  • We DO NOT support social media fads that hold little or no scientific evidence.
  • NO Sugars or hidden fillers - the very tiny filler required is Zeolite (Silica)
  • ​VOTED most ABSORBABLE & COMPREHENSIVE daily mineral and vitamin blend 2016 & 2017 by The Nude Horse
  • 87% of all horses at a 2017 National Poll say 'Flower Gold is BETTER than any other mineral and vitamin supplement' (We are pretty proud of this)
  • We are confident to say our supplements are the best quality vitamin and mineral supplement for horses in Australia

                         What does that mean for you and your horse?

                           ​Better outcomes and best value for money