FLOWER'S GOLDdesigned for supplementation when dietary needs are not met satisfactorily. Read onFlower's Gold

QI EASEa natural dietary feed supplement.  QI Ease is made from organic zinc, yeast extracts and amino acid and when combined in our secret proportion can assist dietary uptake of key nutrients often missing from horses diets.  Recommended to be fed alongside Flower’s Gold.

Hair In A Bucket  delivers a dynamic blend of co-dependant organic chelated minerals. A horse fed the right nutrients has the best chance of attaining quality hoof and hair growth.

Care should be taken to protect the new hair growth by keeping clean, moisturizing and rugging if necessary to eliminate rubbing or mutual grooming practises that cause hair loss or breakage.

Check for mite evidence that commonly causes hair loss, thinning and excessive rubbing.  See page on QLD Itch Identify and Manage.
We recommend feeding along with the daily mineral and vitamin blend
Flower’s Gold.                

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