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Gut Centric 

Per KG analysis:
Probiotics: 56 billion CFU per kg of Lactobillus, bifidobactierum, enterococcus, bacillus and streptococcus species.                                
Prebiotics: 1210 billion CFU of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

Toxin Binders:  8.6 g/kg Mannonoligosaccharides, 76 g/kg Diatomaceous Earth, 200g/kg Clay powder. Marshmallow Root Powder:  100g/kg
Beta Glucan: 8.9g/kg                                   

Feed from 50g to max 100g daily (as necessary) to all horses over 200kg (100 grams is 115 ml in volume). Half a measure (30-60grams) for horses less than 200 kg.   Always seek veterinary advice prior to feeding to foals younger than 4 months of age.  Do not feed alongside prescribed medication.
 Available in 1 and 2kg size only.  One bag only suggested, usually not necessary to continue.

Sample of 2017 Trial Outcomes:

Click to read/download more clinical trial outcomes 

All trial participants where selected at random from applications made in response to our advert inviting trial participants via our Facebook page Wattlelane Stables.  Each received a 2kg bag of 'Gut Centric' free of charge in exchange for a honest candid feedback relevant to what they observed during the 2 week period of feeding 100g a day into their regular hard feeds.  

​​By Casey McCullock

"My 32 yo mare constantly has runny stools, our vets can't tell and physical problems to cause this even with a high fibre diet. I've been searching into products and gut centric seems perfect! She's also been troubles gaining weight so would absolutely love to trail this product.

One week today on Gut Centric, I'm honestly so happy with the results so far!! Brandy has gained not only weight but more of an appetite! Licks her bowl clean. Super excited to see what the next week brings 😊 thanks againWeek two WOW! Sorry for the late update it's been too wet to un-rug unfortunately.  Very happy with Brandy’s condition. Will definitely recommend this product to everyone!"


By Catherine Thorpe

 “Hello another quick update on how my horse is going on his Gut Centric, JJ has now been on a full dose for 11 days now, results have been very encouraging. His droppings have firmed up after at least a year of chronic scouring and happy to see his putting on condition, his coat is softer and he seems so much better in himself, even went for a swim and a mad gallop with his paddock mates yesterday Lol. Very excited about his progress, nothing has changed with his feed or other supplements, so I know it's the Gut Centric which is helping him."

"Thank you😊 I'm a little shocked at how quickly his picked up, if he keeps going like this I might have to adjust his feed Lol. He was always a very good doer, and I've been feeding him for weight gain, but I get the feeling eventually i might have to cut back Lol. Love this product."


By Tamara Janus:  

(Before)"Would love to trial it on my horse Alice rescued from the doggers May last year she was very poor had bad teeth, bronchitis & conjunctivitis. After 2 rounds of antibiotics her bronchitis seemed to be on the mend. Then as winter set in it returned along with a secondary infection. I have no idea how many rounds of antibiotics now but happy to report she is pretty much cough free. Now for the tricky part she is 15.3hh, all legs and with all the medication has been struggling to keep weight...doesn’t help that she also gets a little anxious under saddle. I think this product may help clean and restore her gut health after all the medication & also calm her gut when anxious."

(After 1 week) "So just over a week on the gut centric and my mare Alice who used to always have a buck when saddled and lunged now doesn’t even put in a little hump. I have noticed she is calmer to handle in general & comes up to me in the paddock rather than walking away when approached. After almost a year on different antibiotics her gut must have been a mess. I am so glad I am trialling this product as it seems to be working wonders with her." “Going fantastic on GUT CENTRIC. Her appetite has increased and she is doing really well under saddle. This is the first time she has been able to hold the canter for full circles without either dropping out or getting a little humpy.”

"Finished the trial of Gut Centric and I think it was just what Alice needed. Not only do I think she’s gained some weight I think her overall demeanor is more relaxed and she’s built some muscle. She is usually quite highly strung and loses weight especially during the cooler weather. So, for the opposite to be happening I can only attribute to the Gut Centric helping calm and repair her gut health. Thankyou"


By Amy Gannon

“Snickers was diagnosed with level 3 ulcers recently and I was very privileged to be offered a trial for Gut Centric. I have been trying to find a product which is not only affordable but actually works. Day 3 of the trial I noticed a significant difference in Snickers mood, he was less cranky at feed time, rugging and saddling. He seemed to have more spark and was a lot more energetic than usual which for him, is great. His coat has gotten a gorgeous shimmery shine and he is his attitude under saddle has improved. Overall, I think this product has been a success in assisting with his gut functions and aiding the healing process of his ulcers. Unusually, Snickers has an ulcer at the top of his gut and was always rather sensitive to saddle and rug especially in that area. Since being on Gut Centric he is less sensitive and appears to be making an improvement.

Thank you, Wattlelane Stables, for allowing me to trial this great product. It will definitely be something I continue to use and will gladly recommend.
Much appreciation, From Amy & Snickers"


By Lou Hannah

BEFORE trial: "Hi - your trial on the gut product, would it help an OTTB that windsucks and is very difficult to keep weight on?  I've had her teeth done, wormed, access to good grazing and I'm just feeding lucerne now but usually gets Bio mare cubes, just can't get decent weight on her and she always windsucks I usually collar her but it's been rubbing so I took it off her.

Hi guys - just some feedback so far after 8 days on Gut Centric, my mare has gone from an obsessive wind sucker to just doing it every now and then, the difference we have noticed in her amazing she has gone from a mare who stood and wind sucked constantly all day to a mare that hardly bothers to, I gave her a bath this morning and she was feeling very fresh I haven't seen her this lively for quite some time!"

"Hi guys - just some follow up feedback on Gut Centric as it's now finished, the mare it was used on has gone from a constant windsucker to only just doing it "every now and then" and I do think that is purely a bad habit, if she has something else to do (ie. eat grass) she does not windsuck at all, the mare who was not treated is now the one still standing around windsucking all day, the difference between them is amazing, the mare trialled on Gut Centric seems more relaxed, energetic and just overall "happier" in her spirits, her stomach does not gurgle and rumble, her manure is more solid and she is no longer flatulent as she was before Gut Centric, I think it has made a fantastic difference to her and we are now very keen to use the product on the second mare!! Thank you again! I can also tell you she has a ripper shine to her coat even through her thick winter woollies And her coat is soft like a teddy bear.”



Interested in Gut Health research? Go to THENUDEHORSE.COM.AU

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