​​​​​​​​​​Customer Feedback:

​Note: All customer feedback is supplied voluntarily without financial benefit by either email or posted on our Facebook business Pages.

Kimberley Parra from Darwin:
"Hi, I just wanted to give some feedback.  When I first moved to Darwin I found it really hard to keep condition on my horses. The heat and excessive humidity took a lot out of them. I was pumping feed into them but they were still under weight and lethargic. So I thought I would give Flowers Gold a try. Not long after they started to gain weight and they have heaps of energy! They are easy to maintain now. We are heading into the hard time of year but I'm confident they will keep condition.

First pic is before I found Flowers Gold, the second and third are this morning. No rugging or brushing and covered in dust.

The 4th picture I took yesterday of my hard keeping, geriatric Thoroughbred. He has been on Flowers Gold for a while now but I kept forgetting to take a photo


By Christie Goodlet

​"I really don't know why I bothered with a broodmare pellet.
Before: 3kg pellets/day plus 1kg extruded barley, 1kg extruded lupins, 2cups rice bran oil. Atrocious pale coat 😢
After: 1kg cracked lupins, 500g steamed flaked barley, 150g dry weight Speedibeet and 110g FLOWERS GOLD.
Shiny, happy & gaining weight while in peak lactation - priceless 😍
THANK YOU XXXX. Check out his before Flowers Gold pic compared to now!"

By Macy Morris

Macy says "I truly believe his hooves now only looks so good because of FG - He lives in a low lying paddock that is always damp, it's such an up hill battle."

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​​Wattlelane Stables

Available in 2kg, 4kg, 12kg & 20 kg

Feed 60 grams to foals and small ponies

​Feed 110 grams to all horses over 200kg

(110 grams is 110 ml in volume - so almost 2 scoops)

See Ingredients table below.


Flowers Gold supplements mineral and vitamin levels where dietary intake may be low. Superior equine mineral and vitamin balancer.  Show horse owners 'pick'.

FLOWER'S GOLD  presents Zinc, Copper, Manganese & Selenium in ORGANIC and CHELATED form to ensure superior bio-availability.   NO SUGARS added and no hidden fillers, just 100% pure minerals.    Making it a safer choice to feed to horses who should not consume additional sugars.

We are ethical manufactures, our proportion are based on global findings published by the National Research Council.                                                                                    
FLOWER'S GOLDboasts balanced co-dependent proportions such as Zinc to Copper 3:1, Calcium to Magnesium 2-3:1 and Calcium to Phosphorus the ideal range is 1:1 to 6:1 - we do 4:1 (Of interest if your horse is consuming  grasses such as buffel grass, setaria, kikuyu and panic grass).

presents Calcium to Magnesium to Boron in its recommended 'synergist' ratios. In the absence of boron, up to 40% of calcium and magnesium may be lost in the urine.

With added Chromium.  Flowers Gold offers quantities of Iron, Iodine, Selenium, Zinc & Copper within the safety guidelines stated in the NRC Research Guide.

is suitable to be alongside all our other supplements.  

Feed just 110 grams (almost 2 scoops) to all horses over 200kg. Half a measure cup for horses under 200 kg (1 flat scoop).  The 4kg bucket will supply 36 days of supplementing for horses over 200kg. Sizes available are 2kg, 4kg, 12kg & 20kg.


Valiant - owned by Lisa Leitch

"My husband and I (Lisa Leitch) live and work at Kryal Castle in Ballarat Victoria. We also own Noble Shadow Baroque Horse Stud. My husband Phillip Leitch and our Friesian stallion Valiant are full time jousters at the castle and also compete in jousting tournaments throughout Australia. They have won tournaments such as the St Ives Medieval Jousting Tournament in Sydney two years running.

Valiant's coat is now so healthy and soft."

​Photo Credits:  Rachael Walker Equine Photography & Kathryn Whiteford.

Excalibur Show Team:

"Thank you to Wattlelane Stables for Flowers Gold. The Excalibur Park show team certainly shined last season and will be prepared on it again this season."

Crystal N Yasper

​"Raw images of a fresh clip. Flowers Gold and Hair In A Bucket minerals have given him the best coat he's ever had. Since when is a black horse black when clipped! Thank you!"